About us

As a World Health Club customer you will receive fast fulfillment of your orders, the most competitive prices and we'll refund shipping on orders over $70 for retail customers. We pledge to reduce, re-use and recycle packaging materials to minimize our footprint as much as possible. Using a unique purchasing system, we coordinate supply shipments and minimize the resources it takes to get products from nature into your hands.

The World Health Club was started in 2011 by Russ Marchewka in response to popular demand. As editor of The Body Blog and "mostly vegan" professional beach volleyball player, Russ frequently received inquiries as to what products he personally used for his health and athletic performance.

At first, the solution was simple, contacting the companies and negotiating unique discounts for The Body Blog community. Over time though, it became a hassle for readers to purchase from multiple sites and pay separate shipping costs for each order. As the old informercial says, "there has to be a better way" and the World Health Club was born.

World Health CLub decided to "Go Green" and only work with companies who are just as concerned about the environment and fair trade as producing a quality product. This theme dictates everything we do here. After all, what good is having amazing health if there is no planet hospitable enough to live on?

Please keep in mind that the nutritional supplement industry is regulated such that we can't claim any absolute health benefits from taking certain products.  The product descriptions in fact are (mostly) copied from the manufacturers.  The goal is to make this a one stop shop if you want to make healthier decisions for you and your family. Together let’s live healthier, greener lives.

IYour Health is Your Wealth,