Better Health Starts Here!

We are dedicated to helping you achieve YOUR optimal level of health.  Not everyone has the same goals, which means that your health is not a one-size-fits-all recommendation.


My name is Russ Marchewka and I have helped thousands of people lead healthier lives.  My simply philosophy of "you can always do a little better" applies to everyone looking for more optimal health.

I actually never wear a suit.  This is the only one I own, and was just looking for a reason to wear it.

For the last decade, I spent my time on the beaches around the world playing professional beach volleyball.  My career almost ended before it go started because of health issues.

I spent the last 10 years researching how nutrition affected my game but also my health in general.  I've read countless books, studies, and listened to at least as many lectures and seminars on the advancements in scientific understanding of health and nutrition.

This website is the culmination of all that time and energy.  There are a million health supplements out there and companies selling them on every street corner.  We simply offer products from companies who source the absolute highest quality ingredients with formulations that are impactful to your health!

The past is good for giving us clues to what the future holds.  However, optimal health is about looking forward and proactively making decisions to give us the best chance to be cancer free and age gracefully. 

We live in a world where the nutrition in our food is diminished, and where the toxic chemicals we breathe, drink and eat are ever increasing.  Food really can be thy medicine and it's up to us to make that decision and put the good stuff in our bodies.

So whether you're 2 years old or 92 years old (my son and grandmother), there are benefits to be found so that we can live life to its potential!